The Systemic Approach

A highly effective approach to therapy

At Be Heard we practice the systemic approach to therapy

In our expansive experience of working with individuals and groups of people, we know that this approach really works.

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    What is the systemic approach?

    The systemic approach is focused on the relationships we have in our lives. Lots of the most important aspects of how we feel a about ourselves and our wellbeing or otherwise, is reflected in the relationships we have with others – most notably our families and our partners.

    Any action on the part of an individual will affect their web of relationships and vice versa, so if relationships experience problems or fail to work properly this can cause a range of psychological problems and distress.

    When we experience psychological problems such as anxiety or depression often the source of these is in our relationships and the fact that they have gone wrong in some way.

    A systemic therapist will look at an individual’s wider relationships as a way to identify and define ways to help. This is also relevant for psychological conditions which have a biological origin as relationships remain equally important and can be the key to effective treatment and recovery.

    How it works

    Taking a systemic approach involves working with everyone in the relationship together. This helps the therapist to see any issues that an individual is experiencing in the real context. A major benefit is that members of the wider group can actually help to bring about change by continuing to progress beyond the strict confines of the sessions.

    It is less about the origin of the problem and more about finding practical solutions, within its real relationships.

    What needs to happen for this to work?

    The relevant person and their partner or family need to be onboard with working together.

    Everyone involved needs to communicate with each other and this may need pre-planning .  It also makes sense to look at what has happened before for context.

    A clear timescale and plan for what help can be given will be provided along with a way to review and ensure that progress is maintained and supported.

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